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We are the manufacturer and owner of the Nano Ceramic Protect® brand

We are a team that has been working for years on creating revolutionary ceramic coatings for many industry segments. Our brand Nano Ceramic Protect® has led to a revolution in the market of ceramic protective coatings and new application technologies.
Since 2009, we have been creating products that are currently available in 90 countries. The formula of our products is created in nanotechnology laboratories and in cooperation with companies all around the world.
Nanoformula s.c.

Nano Ceramic Protect®

Nanoformula s.c. the global leader in nano ceramic surface protection technology has worked for years in creating revolutionary ceramic coatings for many industrial segments. Nano Ceramic Protect® is an extensive network of partner points in 90 countries around the world. 

All Nano Ceramic Protect® products are based on the highest standards of nanotechnology. Our protective coatings with a molecular 3D structure are constructed of small molecules which crystallize after application, joining and forming a compact network of connections. Nano Ceramic Protect® products have been thoroughly tested by ILAC MRA & SGS – the world’s leading independent research unit.

Nano Ceramic Protect® obtained the highest possible result in each test, 9H hardness of Hard GOLD and Hard RED coatings. The newest ceramic coating Hard 9H EVO+ is an active coating that kills bacteria and viruses. A coating that emerged from the existing Covid 19 pandemic situation.

Our visions.

To be the best in the field of nanotechnology – the manufacture of Nano Ceramic Protect® ceramic protective coatings.

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