14 lutego 2018

The most beautiful hot-rod in America coated with Hard 9H

We are pleased to introduce the Ford Model A presented at the Grand National Roadster Show and covered with a Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H ceramic […]
30 stycznia 2018

Top 10 mistakes made by beginner detailers

1. Washing the car in the sun The most common mistake made by beginners is washing the vehicle in the sun. It is a mistaken belief […]
29 stycznia 2018

Effective wheel cleaning – 4 simple steps

Does cleaning the wheels give you a problem? Store shelves bend under the weight of all kinds of skin care cosmetics. These measures are intended for […]
24 stycznia 2018

Sealant – How to apply new Nano Ceramic Protect® synthetic wax?

Nano Ceramic Protect® Sealant is brand new a unique synthetic wax made from a combination of high quality polymers, without the addition of silicone. Thanks to […]
5 stycznia 2018
How to wash ceramic protected car?

Dirt and Dust vs. Ceramic Protected Porsche 997. Who will win?

A clean car is the business card of every driver. Each of us likes it when his car reflects the rays of the sun and presents […]
3 stycznia 2018

Formula 1 bolids vs. Nano Ceramic Protect® Quick Detailer. Will it work?

Nano Ceramic Protect® Quick Detailer have just appeared in the world of Formula 1. Brand new F1 bolid cleaned with a Nano Ceramic Protect® Quick Detailer […]
17 listopada 2017

NCP Glass Video Presentation

What is the principle of Nano Ceramic Protect Glass’ activity? How is the proper way to protect front glass and windows of the cars? This video […]
17 listopada 2017

NCP Hard 9H Video Presentation

What exactly is Nano Ceramic Protect Hard 9H and why is it so special? What are the main advantages of using Hard 9H? This stunning black […]
17 listopada 2017

NCP Iron Remover Video Presentation

How does NCP’s Iron Remover work? Does the actual product performance actually outweigh the competing products? Here is a short presentation of Iron Remover that will […]
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