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the environment of contemporary business reality forces enterprises not only to compete but also to cooperate. We belive that trust is the key attribute of relationships that determine the success of various forms of business cooperation, which is the basic component of all lasting social relationships, and in the field of economic relations is the need and the basis of many connections. The company Nanoformula s.c. manufacturer and owner of the Nano Ceramic Protect® brand, apart from the latest nanotechnology products, has created interesting cooperation offers for companies. Cooperation may concern entire enterprises, organizations, their departments, as well as individual people or their groups. We invite you to cooperate. Call today, we will offer you trust, professional and interesting solutions in the field of nanotechnology product.

Marcin Markiewicz

CEO Nanoformula s.c.

Marek Markiewicz

CEO Nanoformula s.c.

Błażej Napieralski

Detailing Specialist

Marcin Pawlak

Marketing Specialist

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