Ceramic Paint Protection

Nano Ceramic Protect® Crystal Wax

N ano Ceramic Protect® Crystal Wax is the finest nanotechnological wax which protects your car paint surface from a harmful influence of external causes. Unusually easy and short lasting (about 30 minutes) method of preparation application, allows to gain an excellent effect with a minimum workload.

Thanks to the ceramic structure, the covering which we gain, protects the paint from the permanent impurity and environmental factors, which have a negative influence on its condition. The preparation molecular create an invisible net, which advantages allow to save time and money, devoted to frequent paint clean so far. Nano Ceramic Protect® Crystal Wax stays on a surface of paint up to 3 months.

The product is available for sale separately: the capacity is 80 ml.


√ Easy in application,
√ Durable up to 3 months,
√ High paint gloss, rich and nourished colour.

√ UV radiation resistance,
√ Protection from harmful environmental factors,
√ High hydrophobicity: the phenomenon of water and impurity molecules repulse from a surface of a paint covered by preparation, which stays dry and clean for a long time.


Attention: Counterfeit Nano Ceramic Protect® products appeared on the market. Learn more