Cabrio Protection

Nano Ceramic Protect® Fabric Protector

N ano Ceramic Protect® Fabric is the product, which makes keeping factory-made features of cabrio material roof possible. Improper conservation or its lack has a negative influence on a bad appearance and fading of a roof, but above all causes its grime and damaging of inside structure of a material. As a result it brings an expensive repair of a durable roof damages.

The regular use of the Nano Ceramic Protect® Fabric guarantees better resistance on a humidity and counteracts against repeated grime of roof surface.

Properly conserved cabrio is also an effective protection against water molecules penetration (waterproof) and harmful UV radiation.

Soft top, which means a cabrio roof with a soft construction, can be made from a material or a vinyl. Such construction causes, that in the process of cabriolet exploitation, conservation of the roof structure is extremely important. The roof is continuously endangered on an influence of the external environment and requires the impregnation products of the best quality.

The product is available for sale separately: the capacity – 500 ml.


Attention: Counterfeit Nano Ceramic Protect® products appeared on the market. Learn more