Ceramic Glass Protection

Nano Ceramic Protect® Glass

N ano Ceramic Protect® Glass is a product, thanks to which car windows are perfectly protected and the driver gains a non-comparable improvement of visibility both during a day and night.

Nanomoleculars, included in the Nano Ceramic Protect® Glass preparation, form on a glass’s surface durable, ceramic protection covering. That layer causes a repulsion of water molecular (the hydrophobicity effect), causing their immediate and automatic from a car glass during driving.

Thanks to this, the need of car wipers use is eliminated during rain. The product has a high resistance on a low temperatures and makes easier frozen glasses cleaning during winter.


√ Car windows conservation,
√ Better visibility through windows,
√ Resistance on low temperatures, ease to clean frozen windows,

√ Ceramic protection covering based on a nanotechnology,
√ Perfect hydrophobicity (water molecules repulsion),
√ High durability on a chemicals influence,
√ Better resistance against mechanical damages,
√ Ease of keeping glasses clean (impurities do not stick to the covering),
√ Protection from environmental factors influence.


√ 30 ml Nano Ceramic Protect® Glass
√ sponge applicator
√ microfiber 30×30 cm


Attention: Counterfeit Nano Ceramic Protect® products appeared on the market. Learn more