Ceramic Rims & Tires Protection

Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H

T he Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H product offers you the protection coating with a molecular ceramic 3D structure. We guarantee: it has the best quality currently available on a market. Why? Hard 9H owes a 9H hardness certificate. It is an attest which certifies the highest ceramic protection coverings endurance. As a result of connection of molecules preparation on a paint surface in tight web, it crystallizes. Effect is simple: it creates a resistant and durable protection layer.

The ceramic protective coating of Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H was tested and examined many times. Those tests were performed by research units and detailing experts and customers. High 9H hardness and flexibility of the preparation, after application of one layer guarantees an endurance of the 9H protection coating even in the extremely difficult atmospheric conditions.

Only one application is needed to gain an amazing evenness and thickness of the ceramic protective coating. The Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H applied once gives a guarantee of effectiveness and the highest quality of the ceramic protective coating without those faults.

The ceramic coating endurance is classified for the term of even 5 years.


Advantages of using Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H:

√ High hydrophobicity,
√ Deep and rich colour,
√ High paint gloss,

√ UV radiation resistance,
√ High temperatures resistance,
√ No vulnerability on corrosion or oxidation,
√ Resistance on chemical compo-unds influece,
√ Scratches resistance,
√ Covering does not submit to a wash (ex. in the car wash),
it can be removed only by paint polishing.

Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H in numbers


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How does the Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H protective coating work?

P Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H is a ceramic protective coating. It’s all about the 3D molecular structure. Second argument? The highest quality currently available on the world.

Nano Ceramic Protect® ceramic protective coating is approved by the international 9H hardness certificate. Let’s take a look at the surface of the car paint. The preparation crystallizes to form a resistant and durable protective layer. It’s a result of binding into a dense network of nanoparticles. The molecular structure of the preparation allows you to have the thick, glossy protective coat on your car’s body.

The highest 9H hardness and standards of Nano Ceramic Protect® guarantees you durability even in extremely difficult weather conditions.

The Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H is a permanent coating. It is only removable by sanding it off the car paint surface. After applying the Nano Ceramic Protect® coating, we obtain a durable protective layer with excellent smoothness and gloss in 3D space . It’s guaranteed for many years.


√ 30 ml Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H
√ sponge applicator
√ microfiber 30×30 cm






Nano Ceramic Protect® Hydrophobicity & Wheels test