Products for cleaning and protecting glass and plastic surfaces

Products for cleaning upholstery soft, impregnation of leather upholstery, fabric, alcantara

Products for ceramic protection of the boat hull.

Nano Ceramic Protect® Marine

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Nano Ceramic Protect Marine protects every surface. Difficult operating conditions are a big problem for every yacht, boat and scooter owner. Our products create an effective protective surface barrier that prevents oxidation and growth of marine organisms and algae. Nano Ceramic Protect Marine products are nanotechnology products from the Ceramic series. Thanks to them, the protected surfaces are waterproof and protected against the harmful effects of substances contained in seawater. Protected surfaces are clean for a long time and cleaning them is fast. Just rinse with high water pressure and wipe dry. You do not need to use strong chemicals and solvents.

Ceramic Hulls Protection
Ceramic Glass Protection
Ceramic Interior Protection
Polishing compounds

System NCP

Spraying NCP Marine system


  • Fast, easy application
  • Increased product performance
  • Thick permanent coating
  • NCP technical documentation

Quick facts

Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H in numbers


months of protection

When registering the product and with the annual warranty application of the product.



In the international Nano Ceramic Protect® network around the world.


hours of crystalisation

Crystallization of the ceramic protective coating after application on the boat.


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Nano Ceramic Protect® Marine

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What you get

  • Permanent protection - High gloss
  • Easy to maintain
  • Antifouling
  • Resistance up to 1400° C
  • Anti-OxidatiResistance and corrosion
  • UV protection
  • High hydrophobicity & water resistance
  • Chemically resistant
  • The latest nanotechnology


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