Why Nanoformula?

Nanoformula, the owner of the Nano Ceramic Protect® brand, is made up by qualified marine and boat detailing experts.

From the very beginning of our business, our team of professionals is characterized by the same unchanging set of the most valuable features: reliability, consistently deep and rich knowledge, masterful precision and perfect attention to every single detail.

We have a professional training and service center in Puszczykowo near Poznan. We are glad to serve you with professional advice and technical support. Every Nano Ceramic Protect® expert have a huge experience in ceramic coating systems, so every authorized detailing studio can learn from us what is Nanoformula’s way to the highest level of boat-detailing services.

What is Nano Ceramic Protect®?

This is a wide range of exclusive boat-care products for the protection and maintenance, starts from the protection of paint to details such as upholstery, and windows of your boat. Nano Ceramic Protect enhances the nice, shiny look of the ship for a long time. All NCP products are based on the highest standards of nanotechnology. Our protective coatings with a molecular 3D structure are constructed of small molecules which, after application, crystallize, joining together and forming a compact network of connections. Our coating permanently protects all kind of boats from the harmful effects of external factors, negatively affecting the condition and look of the boat.

Why Nano Ceramic Protect® is the best?

Nano Ceramic Protect® is the most advanced out of ceramic marine protection systems available on the market. It is distinguished by high durability and resistance to scratches, chemicals and the effects of external conditions.

The highest quality, most advanced nanotechnology, reasonable price, as well as performance, speed and ease of application made the system of Nano Ceramic Protect® quickly gaining popularity and trust of the biggest boat detailing markets worldwide.

Nano Ceramic Protect® is available in 80 countries (from Scandinavia to Saudi Arabia) and this number is constantly dynamically growing.