Ceramic Plastic & Gum Protection

Nano Ceramic Protect® Plastic

N ano Ceramic Protect® Plastic is a high quality product, which finds use in a maintenance of car elements made from gum or plastics. The ceramic coatring forming on a surface of protected components, acts like a specific cover from a negative influence of external factors.

Thanks to the innovative production process, based on a nanotechnology, the Nano Ceramic Protect® Plastic effectively protects the surface from durable impurities, fade, mechanical damages or UV radiation. A proper conservation assures also a long-lasting protection of colour, durability and resistance on water and will definitely ease the gum and plastic parts cleaning process in a car.

The product may be used to elements made from gum and plastics placed both inside and outside of a car. Additionally Nano Ceramic Protect® Plastic proves as a gaskets and tires protection, giving them a maximal protection from a degeneration under influence of harmful external factors.


√ Plastic conservation,
√ Resistance on low temperatures

√ Ceramic protection covering based on a nanotechnology,
√ Perfect hydrophobicity (water molecules repulsion),
√ High durability on water,
√ Better resistance of tires,
√ Ease of keeping plastic (impurities do not stick to the covering),
√ Protection from environmental factors influence.


√ 80 ml Nano Ceramic Protect® Plastic
√ sponge applicator
√ microfiber 30×30 cm


Attention: Counterfeit Nano Ceramic Protect® products appeared on the market. Learn more