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Nano Ceramic Protect is the global leader in nano ceramic surface protection. We offer a range of ceramic coating and paint protection for specific surfaces. Our ceramic coatings are designed for automotive, marine, aviation and industrial applications. The coating formulas are molecularly designed for surfaces such as paint, vinyl, polymers, glass and more. Nano Ceramic Protect coatings bond to surfaces at a molecular level, filling in any nano-pores and creating a hydrophobic surface that is impervious to contamination. Our products ideal for critical applications across all industries. No other surface protection products perform quite like this.

Nano Ceramic Protect®

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Certified 9H Coatings

Meet the Hard 9H Nano Ceramic Protect ceramic product line for surface protection. It offers a complete line and spray application technology. The Hard 9H coating offer is intended exclusively for our Authorized Nano Ceramic Protect Partners. Each product variation is specifically developed for a specific application. In other words, we have a coatings formulas to protect almost any existing surface.

Ceramic Coatings
Application System

Nano Ceramic Protect®

Ceramic Coatings

Nano Ceramic Protect®

Application System

Nano Ceramic Protect®


Nano Ceramic Protect®



Innovative nanotechnology of ceramic coatings - highest quality


Innovative technology of spraying - mix application metchod of ceramic coatings


Innovative surface polishing system - only 2 steps for full paintwork renovation


Active ceramic coating which removes bacteria and viruses - active protection


International 9H hardness certifications for ceramic coatings


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Popular Question

It is a permanent surface coating that can only be removed with wet sanding.


No, none of that. With a single application, we guarantee the effectiveness and the highest quality of the ceramic protective layer, which is free from the risks described above. This has also been certified by the ILAC MRA.

No. The Nano Ceramic Protect 9H Gold & Red ceramic coating may only be processed by a commercial service partner so that the guarantee can be guaranteed. We have the NCP Soft coating for private individuals.

Due to its smoothness and layer thickness, NCP 9H is more scratch-resistant than an uncoated vehicle. NCP 9H is resistant to fine scratches and swirl marks caused by regular washing and gives every coated surface a self-healing effect. After the coating has hardened, it will be up to three times harder than the factory paint! However, it is not designed to protect against high-speed projectile impacts.

Do you know the pencil hardness scale? This is used in the coating industry to determine the hardness of a mineral. 9H is the highest value on the scale. An average clearcoat usually corresponds to a hardness of 3-4H. Once the 9H product has been applied, the clear coat has a hardness of 9H, which makes the surface much stronger and more resistant to damage.

From 2 layers of NCP9H Gold and if you have the coating applied by an authorized Nano Ceramic Protect Service Partner.

Steel, marble, granite, Corian and similar surfaces, glass showers, plexiglass showers, shower screens, cupboards, bathroom ceramics, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, tiles, fittings, faucets, ceramic hobs, industrial kitchens, extractor hoods, stainless steel sinks, cooking islands, ovens, high-gloss surfaces, fireplace glass, everything painted surfaces and much more!

Unfortunately, no. For private individuals, we have developed the NCP Hard 6H Blue, which is easier to use. The coating is suitable for all glass and ceramic surfaces. The shelf life is approx. 12 months, depending on the frequency of use of the surface.

With our ceramic coating 9H we create an antistatic surface. Soiling and dust are minimized and unsightly fingerprints are effectively reduced and can be removed quickly and easily.

After a spray attack, the graffiti can be removed quickly and easily from the coated surface with the help of a high-pressure cleaner and without the use of aggressive chemical cleaners. The quick removal means that further damage by copycat criminals can be effectively avoided. A clean surface remains without any shadow formation.

The great thing about Nano Ceramic Protect 9H is its versatility. Our coating can be applied to literally any surface of the ship. There are no surfaces on your ship that cannot benefit from the advantages and protection of Nano Ceramic Protect 9H. For example: all painted surfaces, glass, plexiglass, ceramics, steel, marble, granite, Corian and similar surfaces and much more.
Yes! Nano Ceramic Protect 9H protects your teak wood from accidental spillage, staining, mold and rot. Our surface coating improves the natural appearance of the wood and makes oiling of any kind superfluous.
Yes. Nano Ceramic Protect 9H protects your vinyl from accidental spills, fish blood, stains, oil / rust and harmful UV radiation. Our surface sealing offers a self-cleaning effect so that your vinyl can be cleaned easily. So say goodbye to tons of vinyl cleaners.
Yes! Nano Ceramic Protect 9H does an excellent job of protecting your metals above and below water from corrosion, oxidation and discoloration. The self-cleaning effect of our surface coating also makes maintenance a breeze. You don’t have to constantly buff your shiny work to get its original shine.
Yes! Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H Evo+ Ceramic coating
Hard 9H Evo+ Ceramic protection is a product enriched with silver particles that intertwine with its structure during cross-linking of the ceramic coating. This makes it possible to give the coating self-cleaning properties. The active substance used in Hard 9H EVO+ Ceramic Protection is approved by the FDA and EFSA. It is an active coating which will kills all viruses & bacterias. 

Yes! Full medical series for the disinfection – Evo Clean (for hands) & Evo Clean+ (for surfaces). Keep it safe. Keep it clean. Our products truely protects you during hard COVID-19 times.

Nano Ceramic Protect®

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