Ceramic Coatings


Two methods of application


Manual application of the ceramic coatings is the most popular method of applying ceramic coatings. In this method, the application of products takes place using a dedicated sponge applicator, with which we evenly distribute the ceramic coating over the surface to be protected.The manual method is ideal for securing flat surfaces such as car bodies. The sponge applicator, which is disposable, allows you to efficiently and effectively spread the coating over the surface to be protected.

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Ceramic coating spray application is the most accurate method of application. The coating is applied to the protected elements with a spray gun or airbrush. Compared to the manual method, it is faster and more efficient. The spray method also allows you to effectively protect hard-to-reach and complex elements such as car rims. The Nano Ceramic Protect SATA system is an excellent choice for multi-layer protection of vehicles, as well as motorcycles, quads, yachts and elements of home infrastructure.

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