Ceramic Coatings


Nano Ceramic Protect Plastic coating is an innovative coating for plastic and rubber surfaces. Plastic parts on the vehicle quickly take on a faded, worn appearance due to external influences. Our coating is suitable for both exterior and interior areas and offers vehicle parts optimal protection. In addition, they are protected from fading, for example, from UV radiation. Once applied, the coating guarantees long-term color protection with a super water-repellent effect, which makes cleaning much easier. Nano Ceramic Protect Plastic coating was specially developed for the care and long-term protection of plastic parts. The innovative coating can also be used on the tires, where it creates a fresh look and makes the tires look like new for longer. The Nano Ceramic Protect Plastic was specially developed for the care and long-term protection of plastic parts on the outside of the vehicle. It intensively refreshes plastics that have faded in color. At the same time, it gives them long-lasting protection against UV radiation, against dirt and, last but not least, against mechanical influences.

Plastic Coating


● Water repellent
● Dirt repellent
● Easy to use
● Colorless
● UV protection – prevents fading
● Easy-to-clean surface
● Great value for money

Product Use

● Vehicle equipment
● All plastic elements

Product Video

Surface protection - product video

Plastic Ceramic Coating


● Plastic bottle 80 ml
● Sponge applicator
● Microfiber cloth 30×30 cm
● Durability: 3 months

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