Ceramic Coatings

Crystal Wax

Nano Ceramic Protect® Crystal Wax 80 ml is a ceramic car wax that provides a high gloss finish. This protection saves time and money because you do not have to wash your car as often. The product stays on the paintwork surface for up to 3 months.

Crystal Wax

Crystal Wax Ceramic Coating

Coating application

● Ceramic coating intended to protect the surfaces of cars, transport vehicles, caravans, all hard surfaces.
● Easy to apply, after 5 mins can be wiped off
● Short curing time (2 hours)
● High hydrophobic effect

Product Use

● Automotive
● Marine
● Caravaning
● Home & Industry
● Medical

Product Video

Surface protection - product video

Crystal Wax Ceramic Coating

● Crystal Wax bottle 80 ml 
● Durability: 3 months

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