Hard 9H
Meet the Hard 9H Nano Ceramic Protect ceramic product line for surface protection. It offers a complete line and spray application technology. The Hard 9H coating offer is intended exclusively for our Authorized Nano Ceramic Protect Partners. Each product variation is specifically developed for a specific application. In other words, we have a coatings formulas to protect almost any existing surface.

What is 9H hardness?

Car paints are water-based, they consist of approx. 70% water and approx. 10% solvent, they are very soft. The hardness of the paintwork is about 2 – 4H on the pencil hardness scale. The NCP Hard 9H ceramic coating has a hardness of over 9H after curing. The increase in hardness of the coated surface is therefore enormous. Think of our ceramic coatings as an additional layer of clear coat, only with several times the hardness.

This new protective layer prevents minor scratches on your clear coat and acts as a sacrificial layer. This preserves the original factory finish. 9H hard coatings are permanent coatings that can be removed by, for example, wet sanding. NCP Hard 9H significantly lowers the surface tension and prevents harmful environmental influences such as bird droppings, flies, dirt, tar, brake dust, graffiti and UV protection. Water easily removes dirt from the surface, this is called the self-cleaning effect – hydrophobic effect. Creates a durable barrier, helping to maintain high gloss and cleanliness for a long time.

Nano Ceramic Protect ceramic coatings have international hardness certificates.

Ceramic coating Gold

0 H

Ceramic Coating Red

0 H

Ceramic coating EVO+

0 H

Ceramic Coating Blue

0 H

Ceramic Coating Glass

Ceramic Coating Soft

Leather Coating

Plastic Coating

Fabric Protector

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