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Nano Ceramic Protect Fabric Protector convertible soft top ceramic coating is based on the latest nanotechnology. The high-performance ceramic coating is suitable for all types of fabrics. Our textile coating creates a long-lasting barrier. Dirt and liquids do not adhere to the sealed surface and can therefore be easily removed. The fabric is not only resistant to dirt but also protected from fading due to UV radiation. Once applied, the coating remains in place for a long time, so it does not have to be reapplied after each wash.

Nano Ceramic Fabric Protector

Coating application

Nano Ceramic Protect Fabric Protector convertible soft top ceramic coating effectively protects textiles from dirt and is extremely water-repellent. Convertibles are chic, but they’re also sophisticated. It is easy to notice a lack of or incorrect maintenance, especially with the soft top. Because of the roof construction, care is very important for the convertible top. The roof is constantly exposed to the effects of external conditions and therefore it must be protected with the best impregnation agents.

Product Use

● Automotive
● Marine
● Caravaning
● Home & Industry
● Medical

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Maintenance With Comfort

The advantages: 

● Water repellent
● Dirt repellent 
● UV protection
● Pevents fading
● Easy to use 

The areas of application: 
● Convertible roofs
● Car upholstery, Carpets 
● Upholstered furniture
● Umbrellas, Tents, Safety shoes, work shoes

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