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Nano Ceramic Protect Leather ceramic coating is a highly developed leather coating with outstanding properties. Once applied, the coating forms a powerful protective layer on the leather and protects against all soiling, UV radiation and premature aging. The treated leather surface is also extremely well protected against mechanical abrasion and discoloration, for example from textiles. Another advantage is the water-repellent property, which prevents the penetration of liquids. Nano Ceramic Protect Leather coating is a specially developed coating that protects the treated leather surface from mechanical abrasion, wear and tear and from discoloration by textiles. Our product is suitable for all types of leather; it does not change the appearance or properties of the leather. After application, the coating leaves a non-shiny and natural finish. The colorless liquid of Nano Ceramic Protect Leather is suitable for every leather color. It is an incredibly effective and durable preparation, intended for smooth leather in car or furniture upholstery, which must be looked after particularly carefully. The Nano Ceramic Protect leather ceramic coating in the 80 ml bottle is sufficient for multiple complete treatments of a vehicle interior. Our product is also suitable for coating smooth leather upholstery, for example. We recommend caring for the leather seats at least once a year. Check out the best leather coatings!

Nano Ceramic protect LEATHER COATINGS

Leather Coating

Leather Coating

● Water repellent
● Dirt repellent
● Easy to use
● Colorless
● UV protection against color fading
● Easy-to-clean surface
● Great value for money

Product Use

● Vehicle equipment
● Leather armchair
● Handbags
● Riding saddles and much more.

Product Video

Surface protection - product video

Leather Coating


● Leather bottle 80 ml
● Sponge applicator
● Microfiber cloth 30×30 cm
● Durability: 3 months

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