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Experience unmatched visibility both day and night with Nano Ceramic Protect Glass®. This innovative product creates a durable ceramic protection layer on your glass surface, providing unparalleled protection for your car windows.Say goodbye to the hassle of using wipers during rainy weather. The hydrophobicity effect of Nano Ceramic Protect Glass® repels water molecules, instantly clearing your windshield while driving. It also withstands low temperatures, making it easier to clean frozen glass during the winter months.Application is a breeze, whether you choose to use a sponge applicator or the NCP SATA Spraying System or Air Brush. Say hello to crystal clear windows and a safer driving experience with Nano Ceramic Protect Glass®.

Glass Ceramic Coating

Glass Ceramic Coating

Coating application

● “INVISIBLE WIPER” – Ceramic coating intended to protect the surfaces of glass.
● Easy to apply, after 5 mins can be wiped off
● Short curing time (2 hours)
● Excellent hydrophobic effect

Product Use

● Automotive
● Marine
● Caravaning
● Home & Industry
● Medical

Product Video

Surface protection - product video

Glass Ceramic Coating


● Glass bottle 30 ml
● Sponge applicator
● Microfiber cloth 30×30 cm
● Durability: 3 months

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