NEW! Ceramic, active coating with biocidal properties and self-disinfecting effect!

Nano Ceramic Protect® is simply the most advanced ceramic protection system in the world. It offers a full range of surface protection products – coatings: Hard 9H Gold, Hard 9H Red, Hard 6H Blue and Hard 9H EVO + Our protective coatings are based on the latest nanotechnology standards, each variation of the product is specially developed for a given application.

Active protection of hard surfaces!


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We were aware that the difficult times and the need to increase the epidemiological awareness of our clients. This led us to the decision of creation a new product called Hard 9H EVO+. In order to ensure its appropriate action, we decided to perform tests using the bioluminescence phenomenon. The bioluminescence method allows for a rapid quantification of any living cells.

Hard 9H Evo+ Ceramic protection is a product enriched with silver particles that intertwine with its structure during cross-linking of the ceramic coating. This makes it possible to give the coating self-cleaning properties, from microorganisms and unpleasant odors.

Nano Ceramic Protect®

Lumitester PD-30

Lumitester measurement method

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The Lumitester PD30 is designed for rapid hygiene monitoring by measuring the bioluminescence generated during the enzymatic degradation of ATP and AMP. When examining the degree of contamination of the tested surface, we decided to use it to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products.

How do we do tests of EVO+?

Our tests make it clear. It’s 100% effective. Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H EVO+ is the latest generation product with a permanent ceramic protection for hard surfaces and a self-disinfecting effect. Hard 9H EVO+ protects not only usable surfaces, it primarily protects our health and well-being.
Ranks assigned are as shown on the below table ranking levels of cleanliness.
What are ATP and AMP Swab tests? • These tests use the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and adenosine monophosphate (AMP), which are sources of energy for organisms, as indicators of contamination • With them, not only microbes but also contamination itself can be detected

Professional EVO+ set

To be safe, for sure you need our set! Keep safe and clean for all the time during difficult pandemic time.
You need our set! We believe that only comprehensive solutions bring efficiency. That is why we decided to create a self-application EVO+ set, which radically increases the effectiveness of covering the surface with a biocidal protective coating. Set contains: ✓ Hard 9H EVO+ Nano Ceramic Protect® ✓ Remover Nano Ceramic Protect® ✓ Evo+ Clean Nano Ceramic Protect® ✓ Evo Clean Nano Ceramic Protect® ✓ 2 microfibres ✓ sponge applicator ✓ Airbrush with compressor
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